Thursday, January 12, 2017

Baby steps - first brave lucky dollars


I´m happy to annunce, IT`S HAPPENING! First two lucky dollars have arrived.
I can not put it into words, what thrill and drama is boiling inside me.
I have premission to reveal -  first lucky dollar came from  Sammy, Oklahoma.
So, for the future..woud be nice, if you add weather you allow or not to say out loud your name or where are you from in my blog posts.
It´s super exciting to start with my special poster for you all.
Since i have had clear dreams about it, i know exactly how to do it.
Hope you all keep counting with me until the end.
My blog does it´s first steps. It is tottaly new world for me i must say. Until the day before yesterday i was one of them, who had no, i´m sailing in strange seas.
My counting starts with - 2    
So all awesome bloggers, facebookers, readers from all over the world, i need only 257 640 names on my poster, to make my dream come true :)
Besides, it´s quite cool, if you can say it out " I gave dream house to a total stranger".
One lucky dollar can make it real


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